Maintenance Works

Maintenance Works 

Power Flow has recently branched out into the field of MEP MAINTENANCE, aimed at providing HIGH QUALITY and PROMPT services for the ever growing needs in the market through a dedicated team of well trained & experienced engineers & technicians

Specially tailored plans are possible, devised specifically to merge seamlessly with individual client requirements and capable of tackling the intricate and fine requirements, generally overlooked by our competitors in the industry.

With Power Flow extended capability to Procure & Install, practically any device, machine or product related to the MEP industry, Power Flow can offer considerable quality, speed and client satisfaction, while executing tasks related to a sensitive service like MEP maintenance.

  • Operations & Maintenance of all Electrical Mechanical installations
  • Handling Breakdown Maintenance
  • Scheduling and following up with Preventive Management
  • Coordinating with contract agencies including third party contractors
  • Following all statutory compliances
  • Adapting Energy Conservation Methods
  • Budgeting the annual requirements
  • Training & Auditing the personnel handling the MEP Services
  • Documenting and reporting
  • Supporting the In-house team with Management technical team
  • Implementing Occupational Health & Safety policies  

HVAC Operations & Maintenance

  • Split/Package air- conditioners cleaning of filters, checking of wiring and plugs, testing of machine for proper operation and signs of wear & tear.
  • Regular checking & periodic cleaning of airside equipment such as FCU, AHU and ventilation fans etc.
  • Checking of fire dampers in ventilation ducts will be checked on regular basis by in- house team
  • Preventive maintenance checks which are not under the AMC for AC plant Maintenance
  • Water Management & Plumbing
  • Ensuring adequate water in the overhead tanks for use
  • Cleaning of tanks at periodic intervals
  • Operation & maintenance of water pumps
  • Sourcing water when needed and testing the same for quality